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How do you offer more value to your customers and sell more product??? Sell them a system...not a single product. What do I mean by that? The goal should be to always offer your customer a full cleaning solution. Below are a few examples of systems you can use when demonstrating products to your customers:

  • If you’re demonstrating your cleaning chemical--bring along the Motorscrubber Jet to dispense the solution and your unique mopping or wet/dry vac for cleanup.

  • If you’re demonstrating an autoscrubber--bring in your Motorscrubber MS2000 and show them how to clean the tight areas the autoscrubber will not reach.

  • If your demonstrating your pump-up sprayers--this is another great opportunity to show off the MS2000 and your mopping or wet/dry vac for cleanup.

In other words, Motorscrubber should be part of the cleaning system your customers are in need of. Why? Because every facility has a lot of little areas that require cleaning, and they absorb a lot of time and effort to get the job done right. Motorscrubber makes cleaning those areas easier and faster, while providing a cleaner surface.

Demonstrate a Motorscrubber product and it will sell itself.

To make Motorscrubber demonstrations easier for you Motorscrubber has developed a Demo Program with the aim to equip your sales team with a Motorscrubber Machine, Carry bag, Full Range of Accessories & Catalogs to insure success. Did I mention the GREAT pricing? (See attached program)

​When your sales team has everything that they need with them to demonstrate Motorscrubber, your customers will be blown away with the demo and your sales team will walk out with an order. Isn’t that what you want?

If you would like to know more or have questions please contact-

The RTF Group.

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