Expertise in Flexible Packaging

FlexSol Packaging Corp, headquartered in Pompano Beach FL, is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging and value-added plastic films. FlexSol designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of custom bags and film, shrink and hood films, performance and barrier films and can liners used in a wide range of applications for the food and beverage, industrial, Jan/San and agricultural end-markets.

FlexSol's five manufacturing facilities have the production capacity of 255MM pounds of both high-end co-extrusion and monolayer bags and film. Our order fulfillment process is supported by a fully integrated order management and scheduling system, which ensures prompt customer service, and on time delivery.

FlexSol’s commitment to the development of industry leading products through our Research and Development Team provides a wide portfolio of creative product solutions. This drive to provide creative solutions is not only evident in our innovative quality products but also in our service solutions. Our account teams work with our customers and their facilities to ensure we develop a product and supply program that will offer the best value. Some advantages our partners have realized include increased product performance/efficiencies, packaging cost savings, and continuity of supply.

Our unwavering commitment to provide quality products and innovative solutions is a cornerstone of our past success and our future growth.

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