There is always maintenance work ahead, so it is vital to look to a company that is committed to solutions; Lambskin Specialties is up to the job.

Since 1965, Lambskin Specialties has been providing the JanSan industry with quality dusting and floor care products. Today, as the largest manufacturer of wool dusters and applicators in North America serving this industry, we are pleased to present our 2004 collection. And beyond the scope of our current line, our manufacturing skill and creativity also allows us to design and produce special products to meet new cleaning challenges.

Our Mission is to be Your Source for the finest dusting products and maintenance accessories; earning your respect, confidence and loyalty through quality products, outstanding selection, continual product innovation, exceptional service, and our commitment to the maintenance supply industry. Our products are Guaranteed to Satisfy for quality and effectiveness; they will deliver the highest level of performance in the jobs for which they have been designed.


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